CV Bahtera Baraya Abadi was founded in early 2023 based on the same mindset between us, here we want to share good knowledge and experience that we have distilled for more than 30 years with Creative Business actors in various fields that are in line with our experience in this beloved country. Our commitment is to make every effort to provide added value to Local Creative Business actors in order to maintain the sustainability of their business and achieve the expected profits.

Igun Bastari Hariguna

We use Ibas, serves as Managing Director of CV.Berkah Baraya Abadi, in 2020 completed his term of service as ASN – State Civil Apparatus after more than 32 years of service in the Riau region and the Riau Islands. During his service, Ibas spent most of his time interacting with the community in accordance with his duties and responsibilities as a form of community service. As a government Officer, Ibas also succeeded in carrying out his mandate in society wisely in terms of leadership and example in his place of duty.

Ibas has now returned to live in his beloved hometown of Cirebon and is committed to sharing experiences with Cirebon's young generation in the field of entrepreneurship so that he can provide added value for local creative business actors who are able to compete fairly at regional and international market.  


Moh. Setia Budi

We call him Mr Haji Budi, he serves as Head of Operations and Marketing of CV Bahtera Baraya Abadi, in 2021 Mr Haji Budi has also completed more than 30 years of service as ASN - State Civil Apparatus in the Cirebon Regency area, during his service and in accordance with his duties and responsibilities, Mr. Haji Budi uses more of his time to interact directly with communities in remote villages in Cirebon Regency to provide counseling in community livestock businesses as part of his duties. Apart from that, Mr. Haji Budi has also carried out his mandate as Head of Slaughterhouses in several locations in the Cirebon Regency area. Mr. Haji Budi has succeeded in carrying out the State's mandate well and wisely in terms of Leadership and Administration during his period of service. Pak Haji Budi is committed to sharing his valuable practical knowledge with creative business actors in the field of beef cattle farming, both in terms of procurement services and technical assistance on livestock. Pak Haji Budi has a good network of collaborative partners with experts who are active in the livestock sector                  

Agus Masrur

His nickname is Agus, he serves as Head of Business Development at CV Bahtera Baraya Abadi

Agus started his career working in the Production Planning section of the Plywood Factory in Samarinda, then as Head of the Furniture Export Factory in Surabaya, Solo and Subang, but with his educational background as a Marine Engineer, from 1996 to 2002 Agus returned to his profession as an Engineer Officer in Tanker and LNG ships. From mid-2002 to 2005, Agus lived in London and Trinidad Tobago working as a Maintenance and Repair Superintendent for LNG vessels and from 2005 until now Agus living and works in Singapore as a Senior Solutions Manager in the field of Ship Maintenance and Repair Management. While working at this Company, from 2010 to 2012 Agus was assigned as head of the Project Consultant team for PT PANN Persero, then from 2012 to early 2018 he was assigned as senior head of the Project Consultant team for PT Jasa Armada Indonesia Tbk, a subsidiary of Pelindo 2 Persero. Agus is currently preparing to return to his beloved hometown in Cirebon to share long experiences and additional knowledge that he has achieved in the fields of project management, training management, procurement and supply chain management, financial management and accounting, as well as his certification as ISO. Auditor to Creative Business Actors in our beloved country of Indonesia. Agus is confident that his contribution will be able to provide value added for local business actors according to their fields in welcoming the Industrial Revolution Era 5.0

Agus is also the founder of PT. Jakarta Maritime Consultants which he started in Jakarta in 2018 to anticipate international market demand in terms of designing and creating an Integrated Ship Maintenance System Database



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